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Shimano Tekota 800PG Reels with Copper

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These reels are spooled and ready to go, every 100' of copper should get you down about 22', so for example a 400 will get you fishing at approximately 88' without a downrigger. Just pick the one that matches the depth you're looking for.

Tekota's legacy of durability and performance continues with the fully redesigned Tekota 800PGA reels. Shimano engineers overhauled the legendary Tekota to enhance the overall performance and durability of these battle-tested reels with improved gear strength and faster line retrieval. The Tekota A lineup now features CoreProtect for increased corrosion protection and a Cross Carbon Drag for increased stopping power when targeting hard-fighting fish. Built upon a HAGANE Body for increased durability and reeling performance, Tekota A models feature a loud clicker and ergonomic S-Compact Body design for enhanced in-hand comfort. For 2022, Shimano adds the all-new 800 size for increased line capacity and stopping power.

300 Copper has 365 yards of 50lb power pro for backing

350 Copper has 300 yards of 50lb power pro for backing

400 Copper has 275 yards of 50lb power pro for backing

450 Copper has 225 yards of 50lb power pro for backing

500 Copper has 150 yards of 50lb power pro for backing

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