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Livingston Howeller Dream Master Classic

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Howeller Dream Master Classic(Freshwater Lures)

Ideal for targeting medium-depth structures and finding strike zones a shallow diver can't reach, this crankbait features a compact shape with a wide wobble.

  • Rounded bill
  • 8ft - 10ft diver
  • Float action
  • .56 oz
  • 2.45 inches
  • 200 hour battery life

Our Technology Mimics Biology

livingston fishing lures, the future of fishing Livingston fishing lures have circuit boards and illumination

Livingston Lures’ engineering philosophy is crossover without compromise; combining the details that count with advanced technology. Our engineers and designers work hand-in-hand, committed to the creation of a fishing lure that will elevate the angler experience.  Scanning past the carefully handcrafted surface of our lures reveals the true artistry within as each lure contains advanced sound and vibration technology that is sure to create an underwater ruckus- convincing even the most stubborn fish.

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