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Kingfisher II - Magna Glow Green Gator

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 Kingfisher II

The realistic shape, color and swimming action of your Kingfisher II make it one of the most effective attractors available. Not speed sensitive - effective trolling speed range is from 1 1/2 - 4 m.p.h. without an appreciable increase in the rate of rotation.

Recommended leader lengths:

18" - 25"
For Pinks
16" - 25"
For Sockeye
24" - 42"
For Spring (Chinook, Tyee, King, Blackmouth)
For Spoons
24" - 72"
For a Bait-Type Lure with its own action (I.E. Strip, Anchovy)


These lengths serve as a guide only - leader lengths may vary from area to area, year to year, etc. Length is measured from lure of attractor (tail) to lure knot.

Can be trolled 12' to 30' off a lead weight (no downrigger) or 12' to 30' from a downrigger release clip.

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