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Big Jon Otter Boat

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Otter Boat

Big Jon Sports offers the most highly advanced technological planers' design available today! The Otter Boat is dramatically changes angling by utilizing improved hydrodynamics. The Otter Boat is capable of gaining greater distance from boats than regular skis can.


  • Big Jon Sports offers a highly advanced design for planers that exceeds all competition! The Otter Boat is a game-changing idea that uses improved hydrodynamics.
  • The Otter Boat has the ability to gain greater distance from your boat than traditional boards and skis while also leaving less trail distance behind your boat.
  • The Otter Boat can easily sustain rough waters, which helps by letting you continue to fish when other fishermen have to pack it in!
  • The Otter Boat offers greater line control than any other planer! The Otter Boat works without flaw when turning, and will secure your line to prevent it from dropping. The Otter Boat maintains momentum, which provides your lure presentation with activity and attractiveness.

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