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Amish Outfitters Clipper Planer Board Releases

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Amish Outfitters Clipper Planer Board Releases

Amish Outfitters Clipper planer board releases have solved a problem that has plagued board fisherman for years. All too often, when running three lines off each planer board, a fish will hit the number two line and pop the release. The number two release then hangs down slowly sliding down toward the board. A wave moves the board and the clip swings in a circle and traps the number one line. The solution? Bring in the planer board and untangle your mess. It shuts down your fishing for at least five to ten minutes. The Clipper Release is compact, light, and different in design than any release on the market. With its adjusting screw, you adjust it once and forget about it. I prefer to use rubber bands with the release, but that is a personal preference. I let my line out to the desired length, half hitch a rubber band around the line, and snap the loop of the rubber band into the Clipper Release. A quick grab of the tow line, slip the release on the tow line, and you are ready to catch fish. At the end of the day, it is a simple task to remove the releases from the tow line and stow them away until the next trip. They are so compact, you can put a dozen in your pocket to start the day instead of having to fumble around trying to separate a tangled mess. These are plastic with a stainless steel screw, so there is no rusting. These releases come in orange and lime green for great visibility.

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