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Airflo Speydicator

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The Speydicator was designed for bold anglers, using a massive amount of weight at the end of an absurdly long tippet that utilizes an unreasonably large indicator. Serious Steelhead fishermen swear by the Airflo Speydicator. 

The lines are available in four different sizes that start at WF4. All  Airflo Spyedicator's include a short 21 to 23 foot head with a long 12 to 15 foot rear taper. The taper has a 25 to 30 foot heavy level mending zone behind the rear taper. The rear taper & mending zone are combined to permit the fisherman to move the head following a cast while maintaining sufficient mass to stack mend line for 60 feet or greater. The mending zone includes Airflo’s special low stretch ridged running line that helps anglers stick fish even at the end of the longest drifts.

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