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POW-R-BAIT Powder Coated Green Glow Downrigger Weight

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POW-R-Bait Downrigger weights


POW-R-Bait downrigger weights combine the effectiveness of a high performance, hydrodynamic weight with proven fish attracting properties including sight, sound and vibration. POW's weights are 100% made in Canada and mostly completed in house.  They use 100% recycled lead and powder coat them for an extremely durable and attractive finish.

The slim sleek design of the weight makes it very efficient in the water reducing blowback and keeping the weight under the boat where it can be seen and measured by onboard electronics.  The flat long profile improves tracking while making it less susceptible to the effects of current.  When matched with identical weights in multi rigger setups they run true and predictably even when preforming figure 8 maneuvers and tight turns.

The design and shape of them make them an ideal attractor as well.  They were modeled to resemble the silhouette of real baitfish, not a cartoon facsimile.  The dimples on the side stir up the water in the same way a cloud of bait fish would send out vibrations that drive prey fish wild.  Finally, they matched that up with some of the most popular fish attracting colors on the market.

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