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Jackall Rerange 110SP MR SG Threadfin Shad

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        The Jackall Rerange 110MR is a new deeper diving variant of the Rerange 110 shallow diving suspending jerkbait. Measuring 4 1/3 inches and 1/2 ounce, the Rerange MR runs between 6 and 8 feet deep, exhibiting the same attention-grabbing jerking and twitching action of the original Rerange 110 at this deeper depth. Bringing the deadly action of the original into a whole new strike zone, the Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbait is a deadly weapon for targeting bass at midrange depths. The Rerange 110MR features the same superior design concepts that put the original in a league of its own, but with the additional benefit of being able to reach greater depths for targeting fish holding further offshore. Easily out-performing your run of the mill jerkbaits, the Rerange 110MR reacts to quick twitches of the rod tip with a quick darting action that bass simply can't resist. Equipped with Jackall's TG Zero Friction weight transfer system, these jerkbaits shift their center of gravity to the rear when force is applied to allow for long casts even in windy conditions. With longer casts and a deadly stop-and-go action, the Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbait is the perfect option when the fish are hanging out in depths unreachable by standard jerkbaits.

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