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Fish Hawk X4 Probe

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Smaller. More powerful and efficient. Bulletproof. The Fish Hawk X4 Trolling Probe is the most advanced probe ever built. Intoduced in the spring of 2009, the X4 Probe continues to get rave reviews from trollers already using them. Already own a Fish Hawk? No problem, the X4 Probe works with the older Fish Hawk 840 Thermo Troll. Includes one breakaway cannonball lead.
  • Deep water transmission, 300-feet guaranteed
  • Easy on batteries, 4 AA will last a minimum of 100-hours
  • Also works with the older Fish Hawk Thermo-Troll 840
  • Water activated - auto-on and off
  • Fully sealed electronics case, 100% leakproof
  • 30% smaller, minimizes cable blowback, 6 1/2" x 2" max
  • Wireless, sends data back to the boat via sonar signal, does not need a coated cable
  • Made in the USA

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