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Fish Hawk TD

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The new Fish Hawk TD (US Patent Pending) gives all anglers critical water temperature and depth information essential for more consistent catches.

Thanks to highly accurate temperature and water pressure sensors, the Fish Hawk TD provides an accurate water temperature profile of the entire water column by showing the water temperature at every 5-feet of depth down to 300-feet.

The Fish Hawk TD also reveals the true running depth of copper, leadcore, and dispsey lines.

  • Gives you accurate water temperature in 5-foot increments 
    down to 300 feet
  • Precise temperature display can read in degrees 
    Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Highly accurate pressure sensor, displays in feet or meters
  • New "Max Depth" mode pinpoints depth to the nearest foot
  • Shows maximum drop depth to tell you how deep copper, leadcore, or Dipsies are running
  • Snap for line attachment
  • Weighs just 2.72 ounces
  • One-year warranty, five-year battery life guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Smart fishermen know that underwater temperature is key to locating fish. The Fish Hawk TD allows virtually any fisherman to quickly learn the temperature profile of the water they're fishing.

  • The versatile Fish Hawk TD can also be used by deep-water trollers to identify precisely how deep their lures (copper, lead core, diver, downrigger) are running.

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