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Berkley Powerbait The Champ Swimmer

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Berkley did it again, with the help of Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jordan Lee, they created a life-like swimbait that will fool even the most finicky of fish, the Berkley Powerbait The Champ Swimmer. This swimbait features some realistic colors to perfectly mimic small baitfish. The large paddle tail kicks side to side while moving, which creates a vibration that draws in larger predators. The Champ Swimmer is designed with a flat back to easily hide hooks and make for easy weedless rigging. To add to the life-like look, the lure is soft and feels real to fish and if that doesn't help them hold on longer, the Berkley Powerbait scent added to it definitely will. Catch bigger fish with the Berkley Powerbait The Champ Swimmer!

  • Pro designed by Jordan Lee
  • Lifelike profile and high-definition colors mimic real bait
  • Large thumping paddle tail displaces more water, for more action
  • Flat back design is great for hiding hook points and weedless rigging
  • Qty. per Pack: 5

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