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The Bay Rat Lures S3 is a custom quality, hand painted, floating, shallow diving, stickbait, constructed with 100% USA made materials and components.

The Bay Rat Lures S3 is designed for any fish found in shallow water. The Bay Rat Lures S3 is ideal for casting in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. The S3 can also be trolled, whether it be on monofilament, braid, behind a diver, on lead core, copper, or behind a downrigger ball. The Bay Rat Lures S3 is sure to hook more fish, and it is built to last.

The Bay Rat Lures S3 swims at a depth of 1 – 3 feet, making it a great choice for Brown Trout, Steelhead, and salmon near the shore, pier heads, and break walls in the fall through early spring as well as walleye and bass along wind-blown shorelines. Speckled Sea Trout, Snook, Redfish, and a variety of inshore saltwater species also find the Bay Rat Lures S3 enticing.


    • Custom Quality Hand Painted
    • Floating
    • Length: 3½”
    • Weight: 5/16 oz
    • Running Depth: 1 – 3’
    • #6 Treble Hooks
    • Rattle
    • Stainless Steel Split Rings and Wire Eyes
  • 100% Made in the USA

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