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A-TOM-MIK Tournament Live Series Trolling Flies L200 Hammer Live

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A-TOM-MIK "Live Series" Tournament Rigged fly's are enhanced with silicone fibers, enabling the fly to pulsate at times with movements from wire divers, coppers and riggers. Our Live Series fly's were first put on the market in 2009 and have been a great success, try some on your next outing, we're sure they will work for you !!!

-All American made

-Hand-tied, seated, whipped finished, reverse wrapped then sealed

-Tournament Tie Double Snell

-A-TOM-MIK's own exclusive short shank 2X #1 BN Elite grip treble 

-Red Octopus style needle point single

-A-TOM-MIK's own custom built, thin wall SS glass rattle 

-30" 50# Gamma Fluoro

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