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Fat Nancy's 7TH Annual Big Fish Friday Shootout

published 16 June 2014






 Date: "PRE-FISH FRIDAY, OSWEGO PRO/AM" July 11th, 2014

 3 Fish Entry fee $100.00, Big Fish Entry $20 - cash only

*Sign ups are available now.           

*Registration deadline: July 11th by 6:00 a.m.

*The 1st 40 boats to enter the 3 Fish tournament will receive a prize package.

* You can enter either the 3 Fish, the Big Fish, or both.

*You do not need to be fishing the Oswego Pro/Am to enter

*Trout and Salmon allowed, NY State laws in effect, illegal fish will disqualify your team.

*Observers are not needed and there are no age limits for this event

*3 heaviest fish, total weight only, no 10 points per fish, no more than 3 fish in cooler allowed at weigh-in

*If you’re entered in the Big Fish it will be the weight of your one biggest fish.

*Weigh-in starts at Noon at the Pro-AM weigh-in site

*You must be in line with your fish by 3:00 p.m., absolutely no later

*Fish must be caught on the day of the event.

*No altering of fish in any way or your team will be disqualified.

*Fish must be weighed at Oswego, boats need to conclude their fishing day out of Oswego, or the Little Salmon River.

*You do not need to be present to win, however it is at your discretion to make your presence known to get paid.

*You must take care of your fish after weigh-in by legal means.

*Participants must have registration at weigh-in no exceptions.

*Fish will have gill plate punched at check-in.

* Payouts will take place as soon as possible after the 3 pm deadline.

*A minimum of 5 places will be paid.

*Based on 40 entrants this would be the payout: 1) 1500.00, 2) 800.00, 3)700.00, 4)600.00, 5)400.00  

*Biggest Fish Payout will be paid 100% to the biggest fish.You can enter one or both contests.

*Pay-Out base will change depending on number of teams entered, but 100% will be paid out.

*Blow off discretion of Fat Nancy’s, if you have a question about a blow off please call ( 315-391-8079) Tom Burke or (315-569-3958) Rob Ripka

*Boat size will be limited to a minimum length of 18 ft (Pro/Am official rules)

*Any rules that are not followed will result in disqualification

This 7TH annual event is brought to you by:  Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop 

You can enter at Fat Nancy's   

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