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SteelShad Glow Mini - 1/4 oz - (2pk)

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The SteelShad® Mini 1/4 oz. blade bait is 1 3/4 inches long, made from durable stainless steel with a molded lead weight, and feature two #12 VMC Permasteel hooks that are coated for both fresh and salt water fishing. SteelShad’s glow effect is instantly charged by sunlight or any other light source. During the day, each lift of your rod will allow the natural sunlight to provide a long lasting luminescent charge to keep the lures glowing below the waters surface. During low light or nighttime conditions, the quick use of a flashlight can be used to recharge the lures between casts.

Available in 5 Colors.

Jig It
Cast it out over flats and let it fall to the bottom and work it along the bottom by picking it up with the rod tip and letting it fall on slack line. Watch your line as sometimes as the Steel Shad Bass Fishing Lures are falling they will suck it up and start to take off with it.

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