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SHU-FLY Trout & Pan Fish Light Weight Fly Rods & Blanks

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Our exciting progressive taper UL fly rods fill the bill for shy trout and aggressive pan fish under a myriad of circumstances. Each one is carefully designed and feature full progressive tapers that are user friendly. Whether zeroing in on an ultra-shy small stream trout or hustling a small pan fish popper to a nice boil from lake shore these rods gets it done! You could pay a lot more but you can't buy better performance!

Notes on Model SF562-3

The design of this 2 piece 5 foot 6 inch 3 weight fly rod for the tiniest of creeks yet able to cast bead head and larger flies makes this a super popular rod to most angler’s collection. A double taper 3 weight line is ideal for either flipping a fly or a cast of a moderate distance.

Notes on Model SF663-3

The 6 foot 6 inch 3 weight has a moderate taper and medium speed. It has a more traditional mid-flex and presents the smallest dry flies most delicately. This 3 piece is perfect for traveling. If you like a delicate trout rod, then this rod is for you. A double taper 3 weight fly line is ideal for this classically designed rod.

Notes on Model SF803-3

Our 8' # 3 piece fly rod is truly one of our outstanding presentation series performers. This rod echoes true quality fiberglass performance, except weight wise, it's a true featherweight! This rod allows the angler option to visit any stream on both coast and fish for big fish with light tippets to insure more hits.

Notes on Model SF762-4

The 7 foot 6 inch 4 weight again has a moderate taper and medium speed. It is suitable for mid-size flies and longer casts then a shorter rod. It is a 2 piece and is a very versatile rod for trout and pan fish. A double taper 4 weight fly line is suitable, but a weight forward 4 weight rockets. We also offer this in a 6 piece. Please see our “Ultra Travel Rods” Section.     

Notes on Model SF802-4

Most fisherman like this 8 foot 2 piece 4 weight because it’s versatile. It is a good all-around rod for the fisherman who likes the nymphs, streamers and dry flies. It fishes well in small and mid-size streams. A double taper 4 is ideal for this classically designed rod.

Notes on Model SF904-4

The 9 foot 4 weight has a mid-flex and is able to handle lighter tippets for trout. The 4 pieces enables you to travel with ease. It casts smaller to mid-size flies in up to mid-size rivers. A double taper 4 is ideal for this classically designed rod.     



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