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Michigan Stinger Cut Bait / Meat Rigs Illusion Super UV SMR4

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This meat rig is designed to be trolled with regular sized meat strips, or artificial meat strips.  The strips should be completely thawed out before use.  Insert the strip all the way into the meat head.  Pin the meat into the head with the provided pin or toothpick.  If you are using a toothpick, trim off both ends.  Next, draw the hook back to the tail end of the strip and pin the leader in place at the end of the bait head with a toothpick and trim.  Do not put the hook into the meat strip as it will give you and undesirable action to the product. 

Tied with Rapture Trolling Flies, 50lb. Test leader, and VMC Spark Point Hooks.  The Best available components for the best meat rig on the market!

Your meat rig comes with adjustable teasers.  Just slide the bead to desired length. 

Toothpick tips hold the beads in place.  Insert the toothpick and break off the tip in the bead to secure it without injuring the leader. 

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