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Dirty Goose Michigan Stinger Brown Trout Package

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 If you want to fish the same setup as Captain Casey Prisco does on the Dirty Goose this package is for you. Here are Captain Casey's go to 9 Michigan Stinger standard size brown trout killers. When the Dirty Goose is hunting brown trout these spoons are in the water! You get one of each in this package for a total of 9 spoons. The spoons are Carmel Dolphin, Black Widow, Diehard UV, Crushed Black Alewife, Can't Afford It UV, Mongoose, Frog Circus Freak UV, Green Alewife UV, and Goose-N-Tonic.

Michigan Stinger has set a very high standard for trolling spoons. These spoons feature a thin design which gives them a fish attracting flutter action. With top quality construction, Michigan Stinger spoons are among the most popular for walleye, steelhead and salmon fisherman. Although they were developed to target cold water species, they have proven to be very effective on many other game fish species. Whether fishing Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario or anywhere in between, you'll find Michigan Stinger Spoons to be consistent producers.

  • Stinger Standard (3-3/4"): Developed to target cold water species. However, they have proven to be very effective on many other species including walleye and stripers. As with the entire product line, incredible speed forgiveness has been engineered in.

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