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Airflo Skagit Switch Spey Line

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With the new rising demand for Switch rods, producing a shorter head was a must-do, and Airflo Skagit delivered. Until now, a line that matched the versatile tool that is switch rods was unavailable. The new Skagit Switch line offers unparalleled proficiency. This new Skagit group of lines is shorter than the Skagit Compact lines. The new Skagit lines come in various sizes, ranging from 18' to 20' with 7 sizes ranging from 360 to 540 grains. The line was crafted with particular consideration to load fast action switch rods in the event that tight casting is appropriate, enabling it to move 10' to 12' of sink tip, and reach out to hit exactly where it's needed. The line is intuitive to use, with looping on both ends for ease of use, and a front loop with an easy to identify line. Its Mint Green color makes the line visible and able to be manipulated from anywhere. Pairing it with either the 20lb or 30lb Ridged Running line provides the best available switch line. 

 Range Grains Head Length MSRP Color
4/5 360 18.5' 54.99 Mint Green
5/6 390 18.5' 54.99 Mint Green
5/6 420 19.5' 54.99 Mint Green
6/7 450 19.5' 54.99 Mint Green
7/8 480 20' 54.99 Mint Green
7/8 510 20' 54.99 Mint Green
8/9 540 20' 54.99 Mint Green
8/9 570 32' 54.99 Mint Green
9/10 600 33' 54.99 Mint Green

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