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The Complete Troller's Guide by Dan Keating

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Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing - The Complete Troller's Guide is designed to help you become the angler you are capable of being. It is filled with a wealth of knowledge and experience previously unavailable in any single source. This book has been strategically developed to be the stepping stone anglers need to take the fishing success to the next level.
This book has chapters on the following subjects:

  1. Species analysis - Success begins with understanding the behavior of your target
  2. Great Lakes tackle - Everything you wanted to know about today's salmon and trout tackle and more
  3. Great Lakes lure selection - How to enter a tackle store in the twenty-first century without losing your mind
  4. Down and out on the Great Lakes - Reaching the strike zone
  5. Putting it all together - How to catch fish all season long
Copyright 2004
9" x 6"; 246 pages.

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